In our startup we enjoy to create solutions, we put our sence, feelings, hands and mind into. Lets do what we love and do a lot of it.


A platform to offer books from person to person, allowing users to sell or donate their books to other readers arround them. We want to generate a reading culture in Latin America and the World.

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In this first version, we expect users to enter a parking start using the parking meter where they can find the place where they left the car in addition to keeping track of how much time and money should pay the parking.

Voto Inteligente

Created to help citizens during the Costa Rica Elections 2014. ducating the Costa Rican citizens to do a better decision.

Respiremos Juntos

An application created to support our friends and family who want to quit. We want to focus avoiding smoking attack directly, we believe it is a problem of those around the smoker and want to breathe together is the tool you need our friends.

Health Berry

Imagine, that everyone in the world became a fruit, and every action you do affect your avatar fruit. We present you our first game developed during the second Hackathon of Health organized be the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica

Subway CR

The most delicious mobile app, built for iPhone and iPad. designed to use every stunning inch of the Retina display. Providing the experience that Subway customers expect, like Subway Card, Points, express, locations...etc. (Request a demo, contact us)

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